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6 Reasons Why People Don't Reach Their Physique Goals

Today I want to talk about some of the common things I see holding people back from getting results.

They are things I have also struggled with as well and worked to get past them.

Often many of my clients have 1 or more of these issues & we work through them together.

1. Unrealistic expectations

It's probably one of the most common things! Having unrealistic expectations in regard to your progress and what it requires in getting there.

2. Being too comfortable

The early stages of your lifting career are easy. You still progress quite rapidly. You can make a lot of mistakes and not even train that hard and still see results.

That changes with time though. Once the honeymoon phase is over, you'll face the harsh truth of progress. You'll have to accept and be willing to get uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable with the amount of body fat you're carrying...

Uncomfortable with the deficit you have to run with...

Uncomfortable with the hunger...

Uncomfortable with the intensity you have to bring...

Embrace getting uncomfortable and give it time.

3. Lack of trust and confidence

When you can become confident in your methods, your effort level will automatically increase.

It's hard to be confident in what it is you're doing; this is where a coach can save you years of figuring it out for yourself.

4. Focusing on others vs. yourself

When you start focusing on yourself rather than others, you'll finally start to make real progress. Instead of wasting your time looking at others try to look at yourself and see how you respond to things.

Sit down, have a logbook, analyze the data you're collecting, get in tune with your body, and learn more about yourself instead of learning about others.

5. Thinking more is always better

More can often lead to worse results. Especially with training and nutrition, there are diminishing returns. If you do too much you will suffer the consequences, mentally but also physically.

Think about training & nutrition when you need to. You don't have to think about it 24/7. Also, you don't need to add more training. Actually, there more advanced you get the less want to do because you should be able to get more out of less.

Ensure you're doing adequately and keep that of a high standard.

6. Getting complacent

This one is extremely common and one of the biggest reasons why people never even get close to their goals.

There's always an excuse.

It's often due to a self-protective mechanism and normal human psychology. Sometimes we are very bad at thinking big picture and long term, hence why people stop doing the things they'd need to do in order to get to their desired outcome.

Furthermore, if you stop because you bring up reasons that sound valid and appealing to you, you avoid admitting that you've failed.

It is the boring and repetitive stuff that creates results; however, you still need to challenge yourself.

Complacency doesn't just happen in not doing the things we need to but also in being focused and concentrated at the gym and continually challenging yourself every time you step foot into the gym.

A huge tip to fight complacency is to write down your goals. Then I want you to set some tasks that you need to do in order to get closer to it.

For example, if you start off highly motivated on a diet and you hit your macros 7/7 days with 100% accuracy, but after 12 weeks it's only 2/7 days, you're probably slacking off.

Think about all the things mentioned and ask yourself if any of the above applies to you.

Until next time!


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